Review from December 2016 – written by Pam Hasty:

I found Karolina through Rick Steves Prague & Czech Republic Tour Guidebook. I went on her website and discovered that she also did tours to Trebon, Telc, and Slavonice. I contacted her through emails and made all the arrangements for our tours through the emails.She was very professional and very prompt. Our first tour was a walking tour through Cesky Krumlov. She took us to beautiful vantage points we would have never found on our own or through a guidebook and it was so nice to have someone explain the history and culture.

The next day she picked us up for a full day tour of Trebon, Telc and Slavonice. I am so glad we had a chance to see those beautiful towns. Karolina told us all about the towns and castles and Czech Republic(history and culture, climate, industries, etc.). I believe she even knew more about Prague than the tour guide we had in Prague! Not only is Karolina very knowledgeable, professional and patient, she is a very nice person. I highly recommend her! I will be happy to answer any other questions.


Review from December 2016 – written by George (Jiri) Lancer

My wife and I spent a wonderful 12 days in the Czech Republic focusing primarily on Southwest Bohemia and during that time we were primarily based in Cesky Krumlov.

Our wonderful guide, Karolina provided us with an amazing historic overview of Cesky Krumlov. She gave us an excellent historic overview of the medieval castle, theater, the Old Town square and several churches. Both my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the beautifully escorted tour. Mrs. Kortusova demonstrated a high level of expertise in all aspects of our tour. We found her to be knowledgeable and above all very charming.

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