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    Cesky Krumlov Castle
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    Cesky Krumlov Old Town Riverside
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    Cesky Krumlov at Night
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    Cesky Krumlov Walking City Tours Meeting Point
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Dear travelers!

Many of you prefer to travel and tour privately.  So do I!  Let’s enjoy a private walking tour to the Cesky Krumlov Old Town, castle exteriors and English group tour to the Český Krumlov  castle interior. This 3 – hour tour is a good start to your visit to Český Krumlov, UNESCO site in South Bohemia.

Český Krumlov is famous for its uniquely preserved Baroque theatre. Skip the crowds and take 9:00AM Český Krumlov walking tour, which takes you to the Český Krumlov Old Town and Baroque theatre.

As the founder of Krumlov Tours, I  have been engaged in private touring services since 2000. Krumlov Tours can do more. We organize private driver/guide service from Prague, Linz, Vienna, Salzburg or Passau to Český Krumlov. I promise, a day or two spend in Český Krumlov, South Bohemia becomes a highlight of your trip to Central&Eastern Europe! Depending on the availability, most of private tours are done by Karolina Kortusova or Krumlov Tours associates.

Krumlov Tours day trips to South Bohemian and Moravian UNESCO protected sites take you through former iron curtain areas away from hustle and bustle of tourist sites to the most charming Renaissance towns north of the Alps.

I wish you wonderful travels to Europe and see you soon in Český Krumlov  !

Karolina Kortusova, Krumlov Tours founder


Český Krumlov Old Town&Castle Exterior Tour (3 hours)

Take a private tour (the most favourite) with Karolina Kortusova, a founder of Krumlov Tours and a local official guide with 18 – year guiding experience. You can continue your sightseeing with an English tour inside the Český Krumlov castle. Daily available in English at 10:45AM and 2:30PM. You can book both tour here

Check the availability  – email to

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