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    Cesky Krumlov Castle
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    Cesky Krumlov Riverside
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    Cesky Krumlov at Night
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Dear travelers!

Welcome to Český Krumlov, a UNESCO World Heritage site located in South Bohemia in the Czech Republic. It is a living showcase of Medieval, Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque architecture nestled in the horseshoe bend of the Vltava River and surrounded by forests and open fields.  

It sounds beautiful, doesn’t it? But the reality of Český Krumlov is that it’s easy to miss all the small beauties this town has to offer.

Krumlov Tours was developed by Karolina Kortusova for you — the curious, independent traveler. She has lived in Český Krumlov for more than twenty years and is also an avid, independent traveler herself.

Krumlov Tours will share the hidden and exclusive parts of Český Krumlov and custom design a tour to fit your individual needs.

Karolina and her team will bring Český Krumlov’s  architecture & 750 year history to life as you tour the fortification walls or visit the world-renown Baroque theatre. 

With over 100 pubs and restaurants to choose from, Krumlov Tours can focus on gastronomy and accompany you to the best places for local delicacies or wine-tastings.

If you are more active and enjoy nature, Krumlov Tours can arrange hiking or bike trips or boat and bike rentals that will lead you through the beautiful South Bohemian countryside.

Relax and stay awhile. Untouched Bohemian villages are just a stone’s throw away from Český Krumlov. Let Karolina and her team show you the beauty of this region with a multi-day tour of the surrounding area. 

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