Why I love living in Cesky Krumlov

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I just love living here! Not only for its old times spirit, but also for the pulsing city life in summer months and quiet spiritual winter. There are so many concerts, theatre shows, live music shows and festivals going on all year round so you don’t feel like living in the middle of nowhere, even though Cesky Krumlov is in fact in the middle of nowhere – but a very pretty one. There is the river, on which you can go down on a boat; there are the hills of Blansky les ideal for walking and cycling and old castles and monasteries in a close neighborhood. Cesky Krumlov is an ideal place for people who want to slow down and relax. Some visitors call it little Prague (Praha). Some people might object that it is too busy here in summer. They are right, but mornings and late afternoons are ok.

Eating out is an adventure in Cesky Krumlov. They say Cesky Krumlov is the town with the highest density of restaurants, bars, coffee shops in Czech. It is always tempting not to stop and have a cup of coffee at the river side overlooking the castle area.

For me, it is a perfect fit  – pulsing, cosmopolitan, yet few steps to countryside.

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